The Copywriting Crash Course

Taught by Ian Chandler

Learn the fundamentals of copywriting, plus learn how to land copywriting clients.

Module 1 Week 1: Introduction to Copywriting
Unit 1 Getting Started With Copywriting
Unit 2 What Is and Isn't Copywriting?
Unit 3 Developing Your Copywriting Voice
Unit 4 Why And How Understanding Your Audience Is Key to Successful Copywriting
Unit 5 Market Research Part 1: The Framework for Understanding Your Audience
Unit 6 Market Research Part 2: Gathering Information
Module 2 Week 2: Fundamentals
Unit 1 Analyzing the Success of Your Copywriting
Unit 2 Product Positioning
Unit 3 How to Create a Hook
Unit 4 Sales Triggers & Social Proof
Module 3 Week 3: Copywriting Genres
Unit 1 Email Copywriting: Part 1
Unit 2 Email Copywriting Part 2
Unit 3 Long Form Copywriting
Unit 4 Product Description Copywriting
Module 4 Week 4: Getting Copywriting Clients
Unit 1 Creating A Client Acquisition Process
Unit 2 What Lead Generation Is (And Why You Need It)
Unit 3 5 Tips for Landing Copywriting Clients

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