Freelance Writing for Creative Writers

Taught by Ian Chandler

Module 1 Week One
Unit 1 Welcome to Freelance Writing for Creative Writers
Unit 2 Freelance Writing Responsibilities
Unit 3 Evaluating Your Current Skill Set
Unit 4 The Transitioning Process
Unit 5 Separating Creative Writing & Freelance Writing
Module 2 Week Two
Unit 1 Learning New Skills
Unit 2 Reframing Creative Writing Skills – Part One
Unit 3 Reframing Practice
Unit 4 Reframing Creative Writing Skills – Part Two
Unit 5 Reframing Practice
Module 3 Week Three
Unit 1 New Skill Focus – Marketing
Unit 2 Marketing Practice
Unit 3 New Skill Focus – Value
Unit 4 Value Practice
Module 4 Week Four
Unit 1 How to Study Writing
Unit 2 Setting Yourself Up For Success
Unit 3 Day 18: Cultivating Motivation
Unit 4 Day 19: Choosing Your Next Steps

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