The Grammar Crash Course

Taught by Ian Chandler

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Learn what freelance writers should know about grammar. This course is for writers who want to self-edit their work so they can submit it to editors with confidence.

Module 1 The Grammar Crash Course
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Reviewing The Basics
Unit 3 Periods & Commas
Unit 4 Plurals
Unit 5 Run-On Sentences
Unit 6 Appositives
Unit 7 Modifiers
Unit 8 Colons & Semicolons
Unit 9 Hyphens & Dashes
Unit 10 Parallelism
Unit 11 Series
Unit 12 Tricky Rules
Unit 13 Disputed & Controversial Rules
Unit 14 Passive Vs. Active Voice
Unit 15 Tautologies & Repetition
Unit 16 Ambiguity
Unit 17 When To Break Grammatical Rules
Unit 18 Variations In Grammar
Unit 19 How Grammar Is Changing

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