Break Into Freelance Web Writing

Taught by Ian Chandler

If you want to write for established blogs and websites, this course is for you. This 3-week course will show you exactly how to find long-term opportunities writing for blogs.

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Module 1 Week 1: First Steps
Unit 1 Day 1: Is Blog Writing For You?
Unit 2 Day 2: Your Step by Step Guide to Finding Blogs
Unit 3 Day 3: Pitching From the Writer's Perspective
Unit 4 Day 4: Pitching From the Editor's Perspective
Unit 5 Day 5: The (Almost) Universal Style of Blog Writing
Module 2 Week 2: Blog Styles & Pitching
Unit 1 Day 6: Popular Blogging Styles
Unit 2 Day 7: Blog Style and Your Style
Unit 3 Day 8: How to Create Your First Pitch
Unit 4 Day 9: How to Craft a Refined Second Pitch
Unit 5 Day 10: The Third Pitch (And What Happens Next)
Module 3 Week 3: Making It
Unit 1 Day 11: Blog Writers' Responsibilities (Part 1)
Unit 2 Day 12: Blog Writers' Responsibilities (Part 2)
Unit 3 Day 13: Writing For Multiple Blogs
Unit 4 Day 14: Warning Signs (How to Avoid Bad Blogs)
Unit 5 Day 15: Why You Shouldn't Start A Blog

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