Launch Your Writing Career in 30 Minutes a Day puts you on the fast track to a successful writing career.

Even if you have just a half hour every day, you can use that time to build your career. This course will help you do that by giving you bite-sized tasks to focus on every day. These tasks will create a solid foundation that will help you get more work and make more money writing.

If you’ve been looking for a simple way to accelerate your career, this is the course for you.

Class Overview:

  • A 30-day coaching program that turns you into a professional freelance writer
  • Full support with our Q&A forum so all of your questions can be answered.
  • Direct feedback from the course instructor.
  • Daily actions to grow your writing income.


The class starts when you enroll. You’ll get daily (7 days/week) study materials, one lesson per day for 30 days. You’ll also get instant access to our support forum and all of our other courses. Everything will be available on our learning platform, so you can access it any time, even after the class is finished.


Module 1 Launch Your Freelance Writing Career in 30 Minutes a Day
Unit 1 Day 1: Defining Yourself
Unit 2 Day 2: Set Goals
Unit 3 Day 3: Create a Work System (Part 1)
Unit 4 Day 4: Create a Work System (Part 2)
Unit 5 Day 5: Create an Outreach Message That Gets Results
Unit 6 Day 6: Tweak Your Pitch
Unit 7 Day 7: Befriend Google
Unit 8 Day 8: Find a Work Hotspot (And Say Goodbye to Some of Them)
Unit 9 Day 9: Create a Referral Template
Unit 10 Day 10: Get Finances In Order
Unit 11 Day 11: Connect With Clients on LinkedIn
Unit 12 Day 12: Follow Up On Hanging or Lost Opportunities
Unit 13 Day 13: Strategic Research
Unit 14 Day 14: Find The Right Software
Unit 15 Day 15: Taking More Action
Unit 16 Day 16: Finding Job Opportunities (Today!)
Unit 17 Day 17: Leverage Your Existing Network
Unit 18 Day 18: What's Your Catchphrase?
Unit 19 Day 19: Create A Client Roadmap
Unit 20 Day 20: Start Working Less Today
Unit 21 Day 21: Create A Work Routine
Unit 22 Day 22: Be Lean (It's Not What You Think)
Unit 23 Day 23: Review Your Craft
Unit 24 Day 24: Meet A Writer
Unit 25 Day 25: Create A Contract
Unit 26 Day 26: Start Saving Money Today
Unit 27 Day 27: Plan to Overdeliver
Unit 28 Day 28: Create Your Five-Year Plan
Unit 29 Day 29: Contact An Old Client
Unit 30 Day 30: Identify A Weakness
This course is one of six courses you can take as a Writing Launch member. When you join Writing Launch, you’ll get instant access to all of our classes and content.

Who this class is for:

  • Writers who want to build a steady income as a freelance writer
  • Writers who want to earn a steady income from their writing
  • Writers who have been too scared and need encouragement to bring their career to life
  • Writers who were successful at one point but don’t know how to make it in today’s marketplace

Who this class is NOT for:

  • Veteran writers who can consistently land clients via pitching
  • Writers only interested in publishing creative writing
  • Writers interested in pitching novels or book-length manuscripts

Your Instructor

Ian Chandler is the head instructor at Writing Launch and a professional freelance writer. He is the author of The No B.S. Guide to Freelance Writing and The Freelance Writer’s Battle. He is Content Editor at Haircut Inspiration and Editor at Nukeblogger, and he also writes for SitePoint and Freedom With Writing.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live abroad. Does this still apply to me?
One of the amazing things about freelance writing is that you can work anywhere. As long as you still have Internet access, you can build a successful career. So yes, the class definitely applies to you.
What if I miss a lecture?
No worries! All of the content, including the lectures, webinars, and discussions will always be available, forever. Once the class is over, you’ll be able to refer back to the course material for as long as you like, on your own time.