“I highly recommend Ian Chandler’s No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing. Ian is an excellent, responsive instructor who understands the needs of his students. The course is an in-depth look at starting your career as a freelance writer and will give you the confidence and tools you need to get published – and get paid for it. Since taking Ian’s class, I’ve become more confident in selling my services as a writer and in sharing my experience with others. After taking Ian’s class, the money I was able to earn from my writing allowed me to finally visit my family in Brazil (it had been 5 years since I had last been there). The material in Ian’s course is easy to understand and actionable, and you will come out of this course feeling (and acting) like a professional writer who gets paid for your words.”

Mariana Abeid-McDougall

“Writing Launch is an excellent resource for writers who are serious about increasing their income. With expert advice from Ian and Jacob along with other industry experts, the tips, advice, and tried-and-tested strategies will have you rethinking the way you work, write, and promote yourself as a writer. As a member, I always got incredibly quick responses to my questions and concerns, and I could skip around from class to class if I felt I was better suited learning something else first. The lessons are clear and packed with info. I learned so much!”

Karlie Herndon

First off I have to say thank you very much! I watched your webinar last week and one of the points you covered included follow-up and how you have to get a clear Yes or a No after you pitch a story. It was funny, as I sat there I was thinking, hmm, I pitched a profile piece to the LA TIMES on May 15, but since I never heard back I figured that was my NO. Well, while watching the webinar, I took the email from May and forwarded it to the editor I had originally sent it to, writing I was just “following up on this email.” I had a response back in about 2 minutes. She wrote: “Thank you. If we are interested we will let you know.”

Honestly, not a clear yes or no there…but a response nonetheless!

Well, yesterday, she wrote me again and said that unfortunately they would pass on the profile piece but might be interested in a 100-150 words about the subject. After a few emails back and forth with me sending off the 150 words, I suddenly found a Freelancer Agreement, W9 and New Vendor forms in my email! The piece will run in a few weeks after they get some pics.

So I will be published within the month! And it’s my first piece and I’ll be in the LA TIMES!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge…it was truly so helpful and I am so appreciative!

Alison Bossert

“I was really fortunate to listen to Jacob Jans’ and Ian Chandler’s webinar on freelance writing. Prior to watching it, I had been writing for the Zerys and Upwork platforms. Ian mentions them both as places where you can find work, but labeled them “content mills” where you don’t really get the financial remuneration you deserve for the effort you put in writing. He recommended several alternative sites. Thanks to his recommendations, I was able to pick up around $6,500, which was nice.”

Steve King

“I happened upon Freedom with Writing and Writing Launch quite by accident and they are the best things to happen to me in years. As a retired writer, both the newsletter and subscription service really got me interested and excited about getting back into the fray. Jacob and Ian are perfect mentors because they provide exceptional job information, books, webinars, and one-on-one advice that support writers of all kinds, and I look forward to working with them for years to come.”

Pat Rolfe

When I first decided to be a freelance writer, “Freedom With Writing” was one of the first email lists I came across. Every Tuesday, I get a list in my email with leads for places I can pitch – and this comes at no charge. In an environment where it seems like everyone is only trying to sell me something, it was a welcome relief. It did something else. It built trust.

So when Jacob and Ian launched the membership site “Writing Launch,” I didn’t hesitate, where I had scrutinized and fled from just about every other paid webinar and program I had seen. It was affordable, and the courses offered have been invaluable.

Using Ian’s straightforward pitch template from “The No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing,” I’ve landed several paid writing opportunities. I’ve branched out into digital media management, but I continue to pursue freelance writing, and I have found the course invaluable. “No B.S.” was right. It was pure information and helpfulness.

Lora Horn