The No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing

Class Starts on August 28th, 2017!

Enrollment is currently open!

Here’s what you get when you enroll…

1. The No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing (normally $377) –– A full six week class that lays out the fundamentals of a successful writing career. You will come out of this class with the tools, knowledge, and training to build a successful writing career. Class includes weekly webinars, Q&A sessions, and much more.

2. Instant access to all seven of our Writing Launch Courses (worth over $1,297), so you can start learning right away. These courses go in-depth on topics such as blogging, pitching, creative writing for freelance writers, and much, much more. These will be self-directed, so you can focus on just the content that is most valuable to you.

3. Six live webinars and Q&A sessions (with never-before-seen content) –– every week we’ll record a live webinar that covers the most valuable information from the week’s class, plus we’ll answer all of your questions, and give you valuable tips that go above and beyond our normal training. (Don’t worry, if you can’t make the live presentations, they’ll be always available to watch later.)

Class is limited to just twenty students. First-come-first-serve.

Don’t miss out by waiting to enroll. We’ll be closing enrollment as soon as we hit capacity. This is special session of the course with a small group of just twenty students.

There’s a full 30-day guarantee so you can signup, start the class, and see how valuable the instruction is. The first week of class alone could transform how you think about your writing career, potentially leading to a big breakthrough for you.

Start the class for $97 when you join Writing Launch. This class is available to members of Writing Launch. Just click “Enroll Now” below, to become a member of Writing Launch. The cost is $97 a month. Keep in mind, The No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing requires two months of membership, for a total cost of $194.

“I highly recommend Ian Chandler’s No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing. Ian is an excellent, responsive instructor who understands the needs of his students. The course is an in-depth look at starting your career as a freelance writer and will give you the confidence and tools you need to get published – and get paid for it. Since taking Ian’s class, I’ve become more confident in selling my services as a writer and in sharing my experience with others. After taking Ian’s class, the money I was able to earn from my writing allowed me to finally visit my family in Brazil (it had been 5 years since I had last been there). The material in Ian’s course is easy to understand and actionable, and you will come out of this course feeling (and acting) like a professional writer who gets paid for your words.”

Mariana Abeid-McDougall

The Six Week Course Curriculum

Each week, you’ll get five days of lessons, plus a weekly webinar and Q&A session. Here’s an overview of the five weeks of learning…

Module 1 Week 1: Starting Out
Unit 1 Day 1: How to Position Yourself for Maximum Success
Unit 2 Day 2: Two Questions that Lay the Foundation of Your Success
Unit 3 Day 3: How to Find a Niche that Works for You
Unit 4 Day 4: The Freelance Writer's Guide to Social Media
Unit 5 Day 5: Establishing An Online Presence
Module 2 Week 2: Laying the Foundation
Unit 1 Day 6: The Job Seeking Survival Toolkit
Unit 2 Day 7: Marketing Yourself
Unit 3 Day 8: Expert Interview with Jacob McMillen
Unit 4 Day 9: Full-Time Vs. Part-Time
Unit 5 Day 10: Communicating Your Value (So You Can Have a Massive Advantage Over Your Competition)
Module 3 Week 3: Brass Tacks
Unit 1 Day 11: Setting Rates Pt. 1
Unit 2 Day 12: Setting Rates Pt. 2
Unit 3 Day 13: Expert Interview with Ryan Waggoner
Unit 4 Day 14: Establishing Authority In Your Niche
Unit 5 Day 15: The Writer's Tactical Toolbox
Module 4 Week 4: The Freelance Job Search
Unit 1 Day 16: Developing A Job Seeking System
Unit 2 Day 17: Search Tactics
Unit 3 Day 18: Warning Signs
Unit 4 Day 19: An Example Job Search
Unit 5 Day 20: Networking: Your Portfolio of Credibility
Module 5 Week 5: Pitching
Unit 1 Day 21: Pitching 101
Unit 2 Day 22: Pitching (The Writer's Perspective)
Unit 3 Day 23: Pitching (The Editor's Perspective)
Unit 4 Day 24: Pitching Research – Finding Your Targets
Unit 5 Day 25: Creating A Pitching Template
Module 6 Week 6: Taking Action
Unit 1 Day 26: The Pitching Hustle
Unit 2 Day 27: How to Build an Idea Machine
Unit 3 Day 28: Zeroing In On Clients
Unit 4 Day 29: Freelance Troubleshooting
Unit 5 Day 30: Learning What Can't Be Taught

Your Instructor

Ian Chandler is a professional freelance writer and the head instructor at Writing Launch. He is the author of The No B.S. Guide to Freelance Writing and The Freelance Writer’s Battle.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
Class officially starts on August 28th!
What if I can’t make it to the live webinars and Q&A sessions?
No worries! All of the webinars will be recorded so you can watch them on your own time. You’ll also be able to send in questions ahead of time, so you can be sure you’ll be included in the Q&A session.
What if I need to start making a full time income right now?
This is not a get rich quick scheme. You’re not going to start making tons of money right away. However, the course will give you the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to build a sustainable, long term income. If you need money right now, this course won’t help. If you want a sustainable career as a writer, this course is for you.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have full access to the course as long as you’re a member of Writing Launch. Once the 6 week course is complete, you’ll be able to come back and refer to the course material at any time. You’ll be able to replay the webinars, review old assignments and worksheets, and explore all of the course material as much as you want.
I live abroad, does this still apply to me?
One of the amazing things about freelance writing is that you can work anywhere. As long as you still have Internet access, you can build a successful career. So yes, the class definitely applies to you.