Design Your Writing Career for Long Term Success

Do you want to be a full-time freelance writer?

Have you been freelancing for a while and want to get to the next level?

Are you tired of getting inconsistent work that doesn’t pay the bills?

Are you ready to build a long-term freelance writing career?

Then this course is for you.

Successful freelance writers know they’re not just freelance writers––they’re business owners. This is a huge shift in mindset for many people, but it can be transformative.

And as a business owner, you need to know how to optimize your business for success. That means knowing how to build your career, master your craft, and manage your finances. These skills are absolutely necessary to learn.

Usually, you have to learn all of these skills the hard way, but with this course, we teach all of these skills step by step so you can shortcut the entire process.

This goes beyond the basics of pitching and writing and deep into the fundamentals of building a sustainable freelance writing career for the long term based on your unique goals, needs, and interests.

Develop the Skills Necessary for Long-Term Freelance Success

This course gives you a simple and straightforward path to develop the skills you’ll need to succeed as a career freelance writer for the long term. It builds on the core skills we teach in the No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing to provide a roadmap to freelance freedom that can sustain you for years to come.

Here are just a few of the skills you’ll learn:

  • Earning a consistent income
  • Longform content creation
  • Relationship management
  • Beating the feast and famine cycle of freelance finances
  • How to get “invisible” jobs
  • Effective self-editing
  • And much more!

In this course, we walk you through the straightforward process of designing a long-term freelance writing career that works for you. You’ll learn these less obvious but vital skills that are necessary to thrive as a freelance writer.

If you know how to get published but don’t know how to take your writing career to the next level, then you’ll love this course. It’s perfect for any freelancer who wants to create a full-time, sustainable career and make a living from freelance writing alone.

In this course, you’ll learn the advanced tips, tricks, and strategies for building a long-term freelance writing career. You’ll learn how to set income goals and consistently meet those goals. Just as importantly, you’ll learn how to think of your writing career as a business. This shift in thinking will open up many possibilities, making it much easier to take your freelance writing career to the next level.

Why This Course Exists

Writing Launch’s head instructor Ian Chandler built this course based on his real-world experience. He struggled to earn a consistent income during his first couple of years as a freelance writer. He made a lot of mistakes such as writing for freelancing platforms, staying with the wrong clients, and spending too much time writing for publications. Each of the mistakes he made turned into a hard-earned lesson that allowed him to build a stable and successful writing career that now pays his bills and provides consistent, meaningful work. This course brings all of those lessons into one place, giving you a shortcut to success with your freelance writing career.

This course exists to bridge the gap between the basics of getting published, and the fundamentals of a long term career that meets your needs. In this course, you’ll go beyond getting the occasional publication so that you can build a sustainable income for the long term.

Who This Course Is Designed For

This course is specifically for writers who know the basics of freelance writing and are ready to earn a consistent income that meets their needs.

Note, if you’re new to freelance writing, we recommend starting with The No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing

This course is for you if….

  • You want to earn a consistent income for the long-term
  • You know how to get the occasional publication
  • You’re struggling to earn enough money to pay the bills
  • You’re ready to take control of your writing career and build long-term success

Personalized Professional Guidance

Throughout the course, Writing Launch co-founders Jacob Jans and Ian Chandler will be available to provide personal guidance based on your unique freelancing goals. You’ll get personalized email coaching as well as advice from fellow writers in our regular Zoom meetings. Anytime you have a question, big or small, we’ll be here to help you!

Enroll Now

Enroll in this six week course by joining Writing Launch. The cost is $47 a month, and includes the full course, access to our membership community, immediate access to all of our courses, personalized feedback and support, and much more. There are no required membership terms. Your first month of membership is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.