How to Choose a Freelance Writing Niche

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  1. Jo-Ann Elizabeth Jennings on

    Great comments! I am challenged by having too many directions. Most of my background is in hospital marketing (writing about and interviewing patients and doctors) and newspaper writing, photography, editing (20 years plus.) But I now have a masters of divinity and am a hospital chaplain. My church is the hospital chapel where I talk about faith and miracles. In years past as my children were growing up I wrote what I consider adult books about teenagers. I call them that because I wrote about kids with REAL problems, and at that time anything more than wanting a date to the prom was “shocking”. I came close three or four times but did not publish any of those books. It has been suggested to me that I turn them into screenplays as we now have NETFLIX, etc., and real problems are A-OK “these days.” Having said that, I have one book out there for which I was asked to write 10 stories, “Storytellers’ Companion to the Bible, Volume 9.” It is no longer in print, but it originally sold for $23. I checked with Amazon this week, and the used ones are selling for $69+. New ones are $72. The other volumes are not doing that well. What is my greatest love? FICTION.


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