You can get paid to write if you follow the simple strategies that Ian Chandler will outline in Tuesday’s webinar.

But make sure that you show up!

If you miss the webinar, you’ll miss out. So, be sure to mark your calendar.

The webinar airs at 3pm ET on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021.

The webinar will air here.

Please add a reminder to your calendar.

Why do you want to get your first paid publication?

Let us know in the comments below!

366 comments on “Registration Confirmed

  1. Generose Guzman on

    As of now this time I don’t know what are the specific steps towards on your conversation of your webinar goals for the publication. I wish I could have paid by writing an article. in which on your actual case that we have established that this would need to thrive at.

  2. Poppy Yoyo on

    I would really like to attend, however, Tuesday will not be suitable for me. Will there be any recordings for those who cannot make Tuesday?

  3. Kristen on

    How long will the recorded session of the webinar be available for, for those of us who cannot attend the allotted time scheduled?

  4. Nancy Frey on

    Many publications are willing to use my output when it s free — it is time I started getting paid for my work and I need to know how.


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