Are Simultaneous Submissions a Good or Bad Idea?

6 comments on “Are Simultaneous Submissions a Good or Bad Idea?

  1. Laura on

    Thank you for the advice! May I request that you include a transcription when you publish these videos? It’s easier to save notes on things like this when it’s in print.

  2. Patricia J La Vigne on

    I had a friend who did send out simultaneous submissions to magazines and felt it was worth the trouble because of the wait time so many publishers have. Of course, after she was accepted by a magazine, she did let the others know they should withdraw her submission. I agree with your viewpoint because in addition to the specificity of the magazine’s request for articles, the author may forget to notify other magazines to withdraw the submission. I would rather play it safe and stay on the good side of an editor than to have him/her “blacklist” my name from future submissions. Thank you.

  3. Joyce Laird on

    Absolutely true. Writing a full article & shopping it out is a total waste of time & effort. However, writing a good short abstract with “adjustable’ points & submitting to relatively similar publications (travel, home/garden, industrial, sports, pets, etc ) is an excellent effort. Keep it interesting but open to adjustment. If the editor has a need, likes your style, he/ she will often give you an assignment & ask you to focus on specific points. Been doing this for decades. It keeps the kitty fed.

    • Lynn on

      A freelance writer recently suggested that new freelancers write 30 articles in 30 days, then sell them. I thought her advice sounded like madness. Thanks for your sensible response.


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