How to Work from Home (Based On Years of Experience)

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  1. Hartley Lesser on

    Your comments are right on target… with 40 years of editing, writing, design and publishing experience, the last 15 years of which have been completed from a home office, the location of your work area really should be apart from the other sections of your apartment, home… or, yes, even an RV. When stressed due to deadlines that seem almost impossible to meet, leaving the area where the frustration is occurring can be a great help. Take a short walk around your home, take some deep breaths and relax the brain — reset your synapses so they can creatively fire on your project(s). Distractions are productivity killers… avoid online streaming while working, as even the slightest nod to something that isn’t really of high interest can lead one astray. Above all, believe in your skill sets and drive forward, truly knowing you can successfully complete your project(s).

    • Alexander Valentine on

      Hi, thanks for your concerned video. I have worked from home for a very long time so I am used to being cooped up.
      I do get up and walk around the house or garden occasionally to stretch out my limbs and I do as you suggested, make myself list of priorities of things to do. This help ensure everything gets done, or at least carries over to the following day. Very useful idea.
      1/ I am now concentrating on creating my first set of four e-books for publication on Amazon as soon as I can. (I need the money. ha,ha.)
      2/ I have applied for membership with you a couple of weeks ago. How is that going?
      Thanks again and all the best!
      Alexander Valentine.


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