Freelance FAQ #7: Why Ghostwriting?

I’ve gotten a few questions about ghostwriting, and I decided to make that this week’s Freelance FAQ topic.

In today’s video, I cover the benefits of ghostwriting. Check it out:

As I mention in the video, ghostwriting isn’t for everyone. But it’s a very lucrative career path, and you can end up getting a lot of experience.

The majority of my writing work over the last few years has been ghostwriting, and I’ve gotten a lot of knowledge and skills from that experience. I’ve been published in some of the top publications in the world, and while it’s not under my name, I now know what it takes to get there.

Of course, writing under someone else’s name might be a deal breaker. If you’re looking to build authority in your niche, then ghostwriting is probably not for you. On the other hand, if you’re not out to build authority and just want to get more writing jobs, ghostwriting has a lot to offer.

Your turn: What questions do you have about ghostwriting?

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