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  1. Magdalene Chand on

    I want to write a book that will get published by a good publisher. Many articles and short stories of mine have been published in magazines. I spent five years writing a book but couldn’t get it published although I sent it to several literary agents. Three of them responded asking for my full novel but after reading it said that they could only offer me a shared publishing contract. I would prefer a traditional publisher. I have now started on my second novel, in the hope of making it interesting to traditional publishers but my initial enthusiasm has waned. It has been already four years and it is only half finished. I am keen to see if this Webinar ignites a spark in me and I get writing again. I am sick of looking at my half-finished novel. I want to finish it by the end of this year and I hope it will be grabbed by a good literary agent.

    • Fabienne Arlet on

      I wrote several children’s short stories, almost 30 years ago, and have been writing poetry since I was twelve. I plan to publish these writings within one year..
      I also have several nonfiction books in the works: on trauma healing, luck, and a short autobiographical book on the supernatural.
      I also am planning a semi-biograohical novel trilogy. Then a historical novel of my west indian-european roots, and 19th-century caribbean settlers and their descendants.
      Meanwhile, I have written 50+ songs( (stemming from my daily experiences), with oublication to start within 6 months. I hope to eventually turn the novel trilogy into a movie/broadqay play, using some of these songs. The songs vary from Gospel, to pop, rythm and blues, to mild-opera-like. They are in several languages, and i hope to reach a global audience.

      Findiing a literary/music agentI, who could guide my efforts and pitch my talent/ brand, would be a dream come true…
      For ‘a living’ I am a semi-retired multilingual translator/ former legal assistant.
      I loved my job immensely, and never really thought of writing as a profitable career…
      Til last year, when I truly overcame my “‘starving artist” and “starving singer-songwriter” limiting beliefs..
      I am a baby boomer, so for me, by divine grace, the time is NOW.

      • Magdalene Chand on

        Hi Fabienne, I admire your tenacity. Your words have prompted me to take a look at my half finished novel and see if I get inspired enough to complete it. Thanks

    • bekky85Ray on

      I want to write a book that will get published by a good publisher.i actually love weitti g so I want to take it as a career , I want to come out successful in it , I need a good published for it.And I will be glad about it if the dreams come through

  2. E.Van Jonhson on

    I am an ex Technical author and part time journalist. I retired in 2010 and started a free writers group. It was very successful and four of my mebers are now self publishd. I had a very bad experience with my first two novels. The company lost its funding with the arts council so begn another and simply uploaded my rough draft.

    Since then I decided to self ublish in e format in the hope of finding aa agnt or publisher once I was established. I now have 14 e-books for sale on Amazon and my historical naval series has sold over 2,000 copies with great reviews so I am now looking
    for an agent.

  3. Stephen Le Feuvre on

    I am not a fulltime freelance writer. However, I need to pursue writing as an avenue to fund my volunteer gospel work. I want to write for a particular market – writing that compliments a lot of my volunteer gospel work i.e. that work done in the one is beneficial to the other. However, i waste a lot of time looking for writing opportunities with very little fruit. I have secured one writing assignment but nothing further.

  4. Francis on

    My passion has always been writing for the last 2 years. I am now looking forward to get a client in order to monetize my passion.
    Thank you.

  5. Crystal on

    One of the things I have been seeking, for the better part of two years now, places where my work is best suited. I don’t typically write in mainstream styles, which often leads to me searching for eclectic and/or alternative platforms for my work. I am now at the point where I have initiated the process to create my own platform where my work and other writers work that doesn’t fit neatly into one genre or category or another can be housed and available to that audience that enjoys that type of work.

  6. Sage on

    My past career has always involved writing first,whether setting up companies, working in media or writing proposals for non-profits.
    More recently I have published a profile, and written an article that was published in s Seniors Magazine, My goal now is to be paid for the filing cabinet full of written material that spans decades.,

  7. Tara on

    I feel that I completely resonate with Dekpen’s and Angela W’s statements. I enjoy creative writing and have been doing so for the greater majority of my life. However, due to fear, I’ve never taken the plunge to try my hand at monetizing this skill. I’m looking forward to any wisdom that I might gain from this webinar!

  8. Jayanath Tharanga on

    I’m an enthusiastic writer with no clear path. Hopefully, this webinar will pave the way for me to succeed as a writer.
    It has always been a pleasure to be here.
    Thank you so much for your effort.

  9. Marcus Clement on

    I really want to land the right clients and also propel my freelance writing skills to a higher level.
    I hope to gain more useful tips and strategies from this webinar.

    • Jackson on

      I feel that learning is key to any passion.New skills new knowledge consequently determine success.The platform of positive minded will ensure growth for objective freelance

  10. Doanita Simmons on

    I really just want to write to share and see if it is profitable to others (uplifting) and financially (uplifting) for me. 😊

  11. Vwede on

    Thanks Jacob

    Sincerely I’m fed up with bottom of the line writing. It appears most of the clients I come across only want to pay low rates below 0.03 per words.

    Content mill rates make freelancing a drag and one has to work tirelessly to irk a living on that. I freelance full time, so I have time to write.

      • King on

        My article hasn’t been accepted before and I fee broken about that.
        I need help on what to do so that my articles will be accepted

    • Crystal on

      This is one of the many reasons I stepped back from those content mills. I know it’s mainly for financial security that people tend to keep those types of jobs (a little bit of money to sustain you is better than none, of course). However, I’ve found that many of the more popular mills don’t publish your name along with the content, so not only are you not getting paid what you’re worth, you’re also not getting credit. When it comes time to apply for an actual full time writing gig, it can be difficult and tricky adding that to your resume and obtaining a reference can be next to impossible. It truly is better to focus your attention on your own writing and marketing yourself than spending time with the mills that won’t fare you better in the long run.

      I remember spending hours everyday writing for at least three different content mills. There was only one that provided a decent income that I could pay bills with, but it was still a paycheck to paycheck gig. When I started writing for myself and marketing myself, it became clear that those mills were a drain on me. Now, I’m at the point where I want to focus even more on myself and create my own platform.

      I honestly don’t know if I could go back to content mills, but freelancing for myself is very much still on my radar.

  12. Mo on

    I am a creative writer with a desire to write specifically for the arts/entertainment/film industry from a cultural/critical analysis angle.

    • Danielle Patenaude on

      Me too! Fourteen published books so far. Just need more ways to get them out, other than on Facebook, which hasn’t been real lucrative!

        • Danielle Patenaude on

          They are self published (well, a church does them for me) so no ISBN numbers and therefore not on Amazon. And I don’t have the money or the expertise for a website. So the only platform they’re available on right now is Facebook. Please feel free to look me up there and purchase any or all of them! Thank you!

          • Danielle Patenaude on

            I’m standing beside my friend in a wheelchair (in my profile pic). My current city is Campbellsburg, Indiana. Hope that helps.

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