Dear Writers,

I’m writing to confirm that you are now registered for our free webinar. It will air on Tuesday, July 14th at 3:00 PM ET.

The Webinar Will Air Here

During these difficult times, we’ve decided to step up and help as many people as we can.

Here’s the big news

We are giving away a free month of Writing Launch Membership to new students.

Why? Because we know a lot of people are still in a tough situation, and we want to help. (And we’re in the extremely fortunate position to be able to offer this.)

Here’s what we’re giving you…

Your free month of membership will include instant access to all of our courses, including…

  • The No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing
  • Freelance Writing for Creative Writers
  • Get Your First Publication: A Seven Day Crash Course

You get more than our courses though, you also get:

  • One-on-one mentoring via email, course discussion boards, and more.
  • Our database of 1700 publishers seeking freelance writers
  • Full access to our community of freelance writers
  • Webinars and live group trainings designed to help specific aspects of your writing career

The bottom line: If you want to get paid to write, this is for you.

What course should you start with?

If you want a solid foundation for a successful writing career, then you should start with The No B.S. Course on Freelance Writing. It will give you the tools you need to build a successful career that lasts. This is particularly valuable for those who are brand new to freelance writing.

If you are primarily a creative writer then a great place to start is our brand new course, Freelance Writing for Creative Writers. You’ll learn how to use your creative writing skills to enhance your freelancing prospects, plus you’ll learn important skills (and differences) necessary for freelance writing.

If you have some experience under your belt, then there are several options that may interest you.

  • The Bulletproof Pitching System helps you land more freelancing clients.
  • The Copywriting Crash Courseteaches you how to get high-paid copywriting jobs.
  • Break Into Blog Writingwill help you get established as a freelance blogger.

How much does all of this cost?

Note – we’re giving you a free month of membership. That means it costs nothing.

Courses like ours regularly sell for upwards of $350 or more. One of our students once “complained” that the training was too similar to her university courses. As you know, university training costs thousands of dollars.

Writing Launch is much more affordable. For those who take advantage of it, the price is extremely low – just $47 per month.

However, for those who take advantage of the free month, the cost is as low as it gets: $0.

Of course, we do hope that some of you will continue as paid members (We do have bills to pay, eventually). But, that is completely up to you.

There’s no way around it: This is an extremely valuable free gift – and I sincerely hope you take full advantage of it.

What is included with membership? Watch this video…

One Important Request

Before you enroll, please commit to actually following through. If you are going to sign up – then please commit to actually doing our training. Even if you only spend ten minutes a day, you can learn a surprising amount. But only if you commit to it.

How to Take Advantage of this Offer

Enrollment opens on Tuesday, July 14th. Visit our website on Tuesday, and you will be able to claim your free month. (New members only.)

To get your free month, use the coupon code DONATE

Note, this coupon code can only be used once.

A Question For You

Which of our courses are you interested in? Why? Answer below in the comments!

238 comments on “You’re In!

  1. Bukola Detims on

    This indeed is the answer to my needs, I’d like to hug The No B.S course, The freelance writing for Creative writer and The Blogging aspect…as I’ve been striving through possible ways to make my voice distinctly heard among crowd and applauded.

  2. Agnes Kelvin on

    I want to take freelance writing for creative writer because I need to know much about writing and this is a place I can make a good foundation for my writing career.

  3. Diego Angeles on

    Def the Freelance Writing for Creative Writers. and The Bulletproof Pitching System. I need help with my pitches.

  4. Moja Scott on

    I am eager to start a writing career. Freelance Writing for Creative Writers, as well as Break into Blog Writing, have really piqued my interest.

  5. Rhonda Ray on

    I am interested in checking out all your trainings through this month however I am particularly interested in “no bs freelance writers class” . I’ve oh this off for way ok long because of fears of what I don’t know.but I’m ready to get to work and invest in myself to learn what it takes!

  6. Tongo on

    Actually thanks for this wonderful opportunity i am really interested in No B.S. in Freelance Writing. I really want to improve my wriiting skills. Im also interested in other courses but i think i can start with this one

  7. Rose Noble on

    I want a writing career and I don’t know where to start. So, I’m taking your advice and taking the Freelance Writing for Creative Writers and the No B.S. Writing course.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  8. Richard on

    It’s real nice that you folks are doing this for us! I like both The No B.S. and Freelance for Creative Writers. I’ll make up my mind as to which one I’ll take after the first webinar. I like writing short fiction. I have one story published, but I still need to improve on the things I’m weak at. I’m also interested in learning how to write articles.

  9. Tessa on

    The Bulletproof Pitching System and the Copywtiting Crash Course are the two I am interested in. I’ve been ghostwriting for about a year, but I would like credit for what I write and get payed.

    • Beth on

      I am more interested in Freelance Writing for Creative Writers and Break Into Blog Writing because i am an experienced writter who needs to work on my creative so as to be the best blogger.

  10. Kate on

    This all looks really interesting and useful. I’m an English teacher with a passion for writing of all kinds, I have a lot of experience in creating and editing educational and academic materials, and I am also just starting to get my creative work out there. Thank you so much for offering these free resources at this difficult time.

  11. Lamicka R Mueller on

    The No BS Course is the one I’m very interested in. Just so everyone knows I started my blog FINALLY!!! After procrastinating for over 3 years I’ve finally done it!! The blog is so much h harder than I ever could’ve imagined and I honestly believed my writing skills were untouchable….wrong! This course will help me not only as a freelance writer but also on my blog 😊

    • Carmen on

      The no Bs course on freelance writing and fhe creative writing courses please. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity

  12. Jessica on

    I have been struggling to make money with my writing and editing business so I am interested in how to launch my career. I’m also interested in blog writing, pitching, and your Freelance Writing for Creative Writers.

    Thank you,
    JD Writing and Editing Services

    • Bello Kaothar on

      Wow, this is a great opportunity for me to build on my writing skills and make a career out of this and also learn more about freelance writing, blogs etc and also platforms I can write and get paid.
      I just wrote a story centered on female genital mutilation and some other stuffs
      How can I make money from my writings
      Thank you.

  13. Sunday Adeagbo on

    i want to know all there is to know about writing. I will like to learn how to bid for writing jobs.


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