Watch This Before You Set Your Freelance Writing Rates…

8 comments on “Watch This Before You Set Your Freelance Writing Rates…

  1. Migdalia Torres on

    Hello and Thank You! I am a New Freelance Writer and I see that some sites only offer pennies to write. I am looking for an Income Supplement that could pay me much more. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Brenda Daniel on

    Thank you for your tip about setting rates. I enjoy writing and want to supplement my regular income. I am looking forward to your training webinar.

  3. Cat Brennan on

    Thank you for this information on rates. I am retired and like so many others, my retirement resources aren’t enough for many extras. I drive for Lyft and Uber, and do a few other things. I’m working on my first novel, a cozy mystery that is set in Old Town, in Albuquerque (I reside in Central Virginia). I’ve long wanted to get into Free Lance Writing. My main career for 25+ years was in Commercial Broadcasting (yes, on the air), and I do have a background in commercial writing. Thank you for this training.

  4. Mary Purpari on

    This is good to know, actually. I filled out an application on a content site and was evaluated at 3 out of 4 stars starting rate. I was flabbergasted, because that is about 5,5-7 cents per word. I thought maybe 3 cents per word, but this is way better. YAY!


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