Author: Jacob Jans

The Grammar Crash Course: Introduction (Sample Lesson)

We are so excited to announce the release of our latest course for Writing Launch Members, the Grammar Crash Course.

If you’re a member of Writing Launch, you can start it right now.

The course is designed to make it easy for you to self-edit your writing, so you can submit it to publishers with confidence that it is error free.

If you’re interested in this course, feel free to watch the introduction lesson below:

Sample Lesson from The Grammar Crash Course: Run On Sentences

The grammar crash course is chock-full of simple lessons just like this one. The goal is simple: to make it easy for you to self-edit your own work.

Each lesson also comes with links to in-depth resources, if you need extra help on a topic. Students are also welcome to post questions to each lesson, so you can get personal feedback.