Sample Lesson from The Grammar Crash Course: Run On Sentences

The grammar crash course is chock-full of simple lessons just like this one. The goal is simple: to make it easy for you to self-edit your own work.

Each lesson also comes with links to in-depth resources, if you need extra help on a topic. Students are also welcome to post questions to each lesson, so you can get personal feedback.

10 comments on “Sample Lesson from The Grammar Crash Course: Run On Sentences

  1. John on

    This indicates the first lesson is on run-on sentences and I think I have those under control if I keep my mind on what I’m writing and not daydream as I go along without going off on tangents when I’m in the middle of something and then think of something else and start writing about that like the time I was writing a story about a guy in a bar and it reminded me of a story my uncle told me and I went ahead and put it in with the original story and then had to tie it all together but I think I finally got it straightened out so I’m not sure if I need the first lesson on run-ons but look forward to future topics.

    • Betsy Fecto on

      I find myself needing a lot of reviews of material I thought I understood. They keep my writing fresh and polished,


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