You can get paid to write if you follow the simple strategies that Ian Chandler will outline in Friday’s webinar.

But make sure that you show up!

If you miss the webinar, you’ll miss out. So, be sure to mark your calendar.

The webinar airs at 3pm ET on Friday, January 15th.

The webinar will air here.

Please add a reminder to your calendar.

Why do you want to get your first paid publication?

Let us know in the comments below!

169 comments on “Registration Confirmed

  1. Sandie Yeaman on

    Hi, I am excited to learn more about your program. I love to write.. and am good at it lol. I have been published but not paid. I write over all topics.

  2. Karen Arnold on

    I took a writing course in the fall and had great feedback which was encouraging, so I’m primed to get back at it. I published a few pieces 15 and 20 years ago, but those kind of came my way. I’d like to become more proactive about seeking freelance jobs. I love writing and would like to supplement my income with it.

  3. Jeiel_ on

    I want to get my stories published because I know they inspire and will inspire people. They would also bring about solution to so many problems in the world today.

    I’ve been writing for 8 years now and I’ve not been able to publish my stories but this is my chance now!

    • Jibrin on

      I want my work to be publish because:
      1-I have so many unpublished works that i will be glad to have it publish
      2-I believe it will be interesting to share my work with an audience.
      3-I believe that readers will miss a lot if my works remain unpublish and that makes me sad alot indeed.
      Thank you

  4. Merrie C Jackson on

    I have been writing stories for a long time, but getting published seems to be a hard thing to do. I want to get published for several reasons…1. I have something to share. 2. My stories are entertaining, enduring and exciting. 3. To prove to myself and others that my writing merits getting published and finally, 4. to be recognized as a paid writer.

  5. Javed on

    I love doing readings and writings. Recently I did a course on Writing and editing from coursera. With so much interest in this, it would be perfect for me to make it source of income.

    • Dianna Durbin on

      With the world in such chaos there has never been a more important time to have your words in print. The world is moving back in a direction of books , reviews and recommendations , I would very much like to learn how to get my thoughts , stories ,poems whatever I have in me to be printed, shared to others.

      • Hazel Lloyst on

        I have a passion for writing but need to learn how to get published and become a paid freelance writer. My home office is set up & ready to go! Looking forward to the 3:00 pm Webinar. Thank you. Hazel


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