Free Bonus #1: The Paid Publishing Guidebook (351 Publishers that Pay Writers)

As a special thank you to everyone who signed up for yesterday’s webinar, we’re giving you a free bonus.

It’s a copy of the Paid Publishing Guidebook. The book lists 351 magazines, websites, and blogs that pay writers. This list is a goldmine for writers ready to get paid to write.

Download Your Free Copy (PDF)

We’re also sending you another free bonus tomorrow.

Plus, we’re going to be hosting a free Q&A session on Tuesday at 2pm PT / 5pm ET.

The No B.S. Class on Freelance Writing is not currently open for enrollment. It will be available soon. In the mean time, you can learn more about the class here.



17 comments on “Free Bonus #1: The Paid Publishing Guidebook (351 Publishers that Pay Writers)

  1. Migdalia Torres on

    Thank You so much for this New Revise January 2017 Paid Publish Guide. I am a Newbie and it will help me to get my work out there! Thanks!

  2. Linda White on

    I appreciate all the information in the Free Freelance Webinar. It’s been very helpful, and I’m looking forward to receiving the free Paid Publishing Guidebook. You guys are great! Thank You!

  3. Christine G. Adamo on

    Thanks – once again! – for offering such great resources and for being so generous with your knowledge and time. I’ve been a freelance writer/editor for 10+ years, but am just stepping into the blogosphere with sincere interest. I couldn’t do that without your help.

  4. Kimetta Coleman on

    Jacob, your generosity is unmatched. Thank you for saving us a lot of time by providing this extensive list of publishers across the industry. I cannot speak for all – but I can truly say this for myself, I don’t have a lot of time….I am busy!!! This is a tremendous resource to offer individuals like me who wear several hats. I need helpful resources on the go! Thank you!

  5. Viola Gary on

    I am new to your courses. I have downloaded the free bonus for attending the live webinar. I did enjoy it and did receive some valuable info. My question is will you have another opportunity for signing up for The No B.S. Class on Freelance Writing? And what will the price be? Thank you.

    Viola Gary
    Entrepreneur Writer of Direct Response Sales Letters

    • Jacob Jans on


      thank you for the kind words. We will be opening the No B.S. Class on Freelance Writing very soon.

      I got my start by studying direct response sales letters, by the way.


  6. Connie R Newbauer on

    Thank you for this gift of publishers! Even though I’m not a novice, it is difficult to compile a list such as this!


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