How to Find Copywriting Jobs

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  1. Muhammad Ayub on

    Your platform is good because it is helping the writer.

    I am a content writer, with health & fitness is my niche. My experience of writing on different topics is of five years. Lately, I was a member of the Upwork, but they have blocked my account due to no work. Now I am in search of a freelance writing job, is there somebody who can refer me to some good clients.

  2. Sulaiman Abdulkarim on

    I was happy and happy with your videos. My question is how can I be able to get job as a copy writer. Help me with a client or a blog from which they like a copy writer

  3. Iceni Summersides on

    Thanks for the tips, very useful. My question is; How to know how much to ask for a job if the client doesn’t say?

    • Jacob Jans on

      Good question! This is a complex topic, as there are many ways to think about it.

      There are two main sides to thinking about this. The first side is your income needs. The second side is the needs (and budget) of the client. For example, if you’re aiming to earn $5,000 a month, then you should estimate how long the project take to complete, and then base your rate on that, keeping in mind your income goal. However, you should always factor in the value you are providing the client. For example, if your work will help them earn another $15,000, then that should definitely be a factor; maybe you set your bid at 5% of that, or 15%, or even more (especially if you’re doing quality work that is difficult to replicate by others).

      This type of thinking, and your ability to set the right price, is something that gets much easier with experience. My advice: Don’t worry about it too much when you’re getting started.

  4. Kevinson Libama on

    Honestly, I expected you to jump right to the different hacks of getting copywriting jobs. The first part on “why I love copywriting,” is not relevant given that the first 10 seconds of any video should be useful to the viewer. We all love copywriting, anyways. if The video should start at 8.06. Other than that, terrific video! At least half of it is pretty relevant.


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