My Winning Pitch Template AND Guide to Powering Up Your Pitches

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11 comments on “My Winning Pitch Template AND Guide to Powering Up Your Pitches

  1. Evan A . Brett on

    Thank you for the information on How to Make My Pitch, along with the template accompanying it. It seems pretty close to what I have been already doing. The difference is that I’m trying to attract a traditional publisher to one or more of my fictional novels, whereas your presentation deals mainly with blogs – as an example, trying to sell an article to a blog.
    I don’t really get into following the millions of blogs that are out there. And even if I did, i doubt that they would be of much help finding a publisher for my self-published fictional novels.
    But as a novelist yourself, you must have initially had to attract such a publisher of your own. (By now you may have even moved on to other publishers that you prefer).
    Do you think my pitch to publishers should vary from the one you have outlined here?

    • Jacob Jans on


      sending out queries and manuscripts for traditional book publishers is a very different process than pitching magazines and blogs. The requirements are often very different, depending on who your are sending the query to. Often they will want a much more in-depth cover letter, the first 20 pages of your book, evidence that you’re already popular, and a marketing plan. It’s also VERY hard to find a traditional publisher if for a manuscript that has already been self published, unless it is already quite successful.

    • Jacob Jans on

      Joseph, our focus here is on getting published in magazines, blogs, websites etc. We’re all about freelance writing, not traditional book publishing. Hence, pitching an editor.


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