Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out!

This week’s live webinar starts exactly at 1pm ET on Wednesday, January 15th. That’s 10am PT. (To get the exact date for your timezone, press play on the video below. It will show you the starting time.)

We encourage you to show up a few minutes early. We’ll be starting right away — and we don’t want you to miss out.

Yes, there will be a replay, but it won’t include the live Q&A session, plus the interaction with your fellow webinar attendees. There is something magical about a live event.

Why are you interested in freelance copywriting? Let us know in the comments!

61 comments on “Your spot has been saved. Here are your next steps…

  1. Matt M. on

    I would like to support an acting career with freelance writing for websites, video scripts for advertisements, magazine articles and more. Thank you for any helpful nudges and information in this webinar!

  2. Gloria H Deere on

    To become a real writer is my dream. Iam a unpublished writer and have si much more in my head. And so this would be a blessing.
    Thank you

  3. Marra on

    I am grateful and I do appreciate the information that you are sharing with freelance online writers like me. It would a great start of the year to land a client thanks to your help. God Bless You!

  4. Binte sultana on

    My purpose very clear to me who has more than one decade experience in journalism. Journalism profession encourages people to write but it’s not easy to continue continuously writing. Two years before I left my job and started again study on literature and visual culture and now have made mind about living my life by writing. That means I want to pay house rent, food, travelling er cetera through earning by writing. 🙂

  5. John Moudy on

    This is something I’ve always wanted to try . I’ve been told I have a gift for this type of writing , I’d like to find out .

  6. Mike B on

    I have always had a strong knack for writing, and would love to discover a way to earn a decent living and be able to work from home. I always have some reservations about it, especially concerning stability/consistency.

  7. John Kenmuir on

    I have been working as a copywriter for almost 2 years; the pay is low but it is a stable income source, so I’m hoping to supplement it with better paying sources that require individual (not ongoing) articles

  8. Ash S on

    I’m interested in making a career out of my writing abilities while I’m in grad school and possibly beyond that as well! I think that this is one of the better and independent uses of my writing minor 🙂

  9. Margaret MATTHEWS on

    I would like more information about how to develop and build my writing career.
    I will be on the live webinar at 10 a.m. PST as I live in British Columbia, Canada.

    P.S. I am particularly interested in being a paid freelance writer. Where are they accepting unsolicited submissions please?

  10. Joy Lupo Bell on

    I’d like a reliable way to supplement my family’s finances. I have a daughter starting college in the fall and I’m almost at retirement age.


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