Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out!

This week’s live webinar starts exactly at 1pm ET on Wednesday, January 15th. That’s 10am PT. (To get the exact date for your timezone, press play on the video below. It will show you the starting time.)

We encourage you to show up a few minutes early. We’ll be starting right away — and we don’t want you to miss out.

Yes, there will be a replay, but it won’t include the live Q&A session, plus the interaction with your fellow webinar attendees. There is something magical about a live event.

Why are you interested in freelance copywriting? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Alexander Nyx on

    This is a good start to start on the path to incorporate three interests and passions into one. Fitness, writing and cosplay. There is an opportunity to represent the intersection of all three from my own cultural experiences and perspectives. Also to present these with an appropriate language that speaks directly to the right audiences

    • Chris on

      I like writing and have written plays and stories in the past for non profit organizations. Now that I am retired I would like to try my hand at freelance writing.

  2. Lynnette Horner on

    I am a freelance copy editor, proofreader, and developmental editor. I love the work, but the freelance life is definitely feast or famine. Six months ago I was juggling three clients at once; now I’ve finished one assignment and…crickets. I’m looking for more steady writing opportunities.

  3. ShaqDee on

    Writing has always been a part of my life one way or another. From writing poems to songs, it has always been essential to me when it comes to expressing myself. I would love to give it a chance to explore becoming a successful copywriter because its new and different. I really would like to challenge myself. I’m hoping this will turn out to be a great journey for me and those I work with.

  4. Marie L. Pfeifer on

    I have been freelancing for regional newspapers and magazines for 15 years. Usually the pay has been $50 a story to $0. Lately, its been more like $0. The websites that pay $0 are happy to give me plenty of assignments bu I am reluctant to continue writing without pay since I have been writing for them for several years. l I love writing and require an income.

    • Veronica Domak on

      I have written articles for a crime watch publication and also poetry.
      Am very interested in learning more about freelance writing .

  5. celia sennon on

    I would like to become a professional Christian copywriter for many reasons. However, to make a long story short, through my writing I would like to spread the Word of God to everyone. To demonstrate through my writing that His mercy is available for everyone regardless of their circumstances. In addition, becoming a professional copywriter will give me the freedom to work from the comfort of my home.

  6. Tanishka Sharma on

    I’ve always cherished writing as my religion. It has been my dream to become an author and anything that is related to writing captures my mind, just like this program. Copywriting sounds like a great idea to add in order to spice up my chances of becoming good at writing.

  7. E.Van Johnson on

    Can you please leave the times as GMT then we can all convert to our own tme zones. I have no idea what your time zones are. I am GMT +1.


    Hi, I would like to earn a living doing what I love – writing. I just created a blog and will launch it within the next few weeks. I also wish to explore freelance copywriting and possibly proofreading so I’m quite excited to learn what we’ll share today.

  9. Lynn Godward on

    I love to write and have for many years. I’ve been looking around at things I can do from home to earn a decent income and do some traveling and still be able to ‘work’ wherever I happen to be.

  10. Carol Weaver on

    Copywriting sounds like an opportunity to hone writing skills and learn (or practice) sharing as much information as possible in a limited amount of space… and possibly gain some affirmation by getting paid. 🙂

  11. Clem on

    Hi, I’m Clem and my problem is too many ideas. I get into writing a story and or doing some research and I get another idea which I wish to explore and I lose track of the original story upon which I was engaged. Do you have a trick or procedure to maintain concentration on the original idea? I don’t seem to be able to get anything finished.

  12. Channing Krulicki on

    I am delighted that you’re airing this particular webinar today as I expect that by the time it airs for me(at noon) we will be ready to rock n roll directly into this new journalistic endeavor.
    I have been a fan of you and Miss Caitlin for a very long time.
    I hope to use this as a springboard to launch at least 5 new businesses today.
    Y’all have provided me with so much guidance and support while I’ve remained anonymous, but I promise to over-deliver on my part for you unwavering faith in your ability to influence and inspire all types and genres of writers.
    Thanks for being there and doing what you do.
    P.S. Website waiting to be constructed.

  13. Jason Frye on

    As a journalist with a strong base in travel and food, I’m interested in finding ways to solidify existing editorial relationships, forging new ones and finding entree into the world of content writing.

  14. Arun Kr Shrivastav on

    Hi, looking forward to joining you at the webinar. I am a journalist now given fully to content writing. I would love to know how to scale it up. Arun Kr Shrivastav

  15. Celeste Cooper on

    I have been an amateur writer for many years but never thought I could make a living as a writer. At this time in my life I want to do it. I am open to learning all I can about every aspect of the writing profession.

  16. Kashish Naina Arya on

    I want to write for you. I am pursuing my graduation in Journalism & Mass Communication. I really want to join here.

  17. Ju’landa D. Barber on

    I am very interested in hearing mire about this great opportunity. I’m currently visiting
    The UAE, so I am sure how I’ll be able to see the webinar.

  18. Cornelia on

    I would very much like to become a professional writer because I realy enjoy doing it, so any help in this field is apreciated. If any of you can give more details or webs it would be great. Thanks!


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