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The Grammar Crash Course

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Learn what freelance writers should know about grammar. This course is for writers who want to self-edit their work so they can submit it to editors with confidence.

Introduction to Building an Online Information Business

Have you ever considered starting a blog? What about creating and selling an online course? Or building an audience for your writing using online marketing? This course gives you a framework for achieving all of those things.

This course is an introduction to building an online business. It quickly gives you a solid foundation, so you can decide whether you want to pursue this path, and also so that you can have a real understanding of what it takes to succeed with building an online business.

The Bulletproof Pitching System

In this 4-week course, you\'ll send out pitches, develop a pitch template, create a calendar, and more. By the time you\'re done, you\'ll be a pitching master.

The Effective Writer’s Website

Don\'t build a website without completing this course! Learn how to get the most out of your web presence. Learn how to build a genuine connection with your audience, sell your writing services, and achieve your goals as a writer.